Want to become an accomplice to the boldest rodeo heist in cinematic history?  Great!  Your help in bringing Ten Dollar Man from the script to the screen is hugely appreciated!  All those that contribute will receive a piece of  TDM merchandise and a personal thank you from the filmmakers.

The easiest way to become a part of Ten Dollar Man is to make a contribution to the film in the form of a gift.  You can contribute through our Pay Pal account:



You can also mail contributions to the address below.  Please make your check payable to “Ten Dollar Movie, LLC” and send it to:

918 Alice Ave., San Leandro, CA 94577

If you would like to inquire about making an equity investment in Ten Dollar Man, please email the producers at info@tendollarman.com.


Frequently Asked Questions About Contributions

Why do independent movies need money? Doesn’t Hollywood pay you to make your movie?
We wish. An independent movie is like a start up business. A couple of people have an idea and try to interest backers who would be willing to invest in the idea and bring it to fruition. In our case with Ten Dollar Man, independent means there is no studio or distribution company or any other large corporate entity blessed with capital which is ready to pay for our project from the get go.

Filmmaking, unlike other art forms, straddles the line between art and commerce. It is an expression of the filmmaker, but it also costs a lot of money to realize, like a business. Even small independent movies. We literally need to go one investor at a time to grow our idea and eventually make a movie out of it.

So what does my contribution pay for?
There are many ways your contribution helps because many elements go into producing an independent movie. Small things like the costs of making copies of the script to paying the actors and crew.

There are generally five stages to making and then releasing a movie: development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution.

Currently, Ten Dollar Man is in the development stage. Which is not unlike working out of your garage. We have to pay to make copies of the script to send to actors (lots of copies), there are basic administrative and legal costs, but most importantly we have to pay professionals like casting directors to help ?nd us the actors. Once we attract the right actors, we’ll be able to attract other investors who would have larger interests – and stakes – in making the movie.

When do you need contributions then?
Every step of the way. We are looking to accumulate the amount of money we’ve identi?ed in our budget that we think will pay for making Ten Dollar Man. Once we reach that goal, the total budgeted amount, we would go into production. And only then.

Once in production, major costs like paying the crew, renting locations, cameras and equipment, building and designing sets, food and lodging, transportation, wardrobe, stunts, and paying other cast members are some of the costs incurred. But again, these costs would only be paid for with money we have. There are no credit cards involved here.

Then you have an estimated budget?

We do, though it estimates three distinct scenarios for shooting, such as the state we’d shoot in, and other contingencies. We invite donors to ask us further about our projected budget. You can contact the producers either through the website here or by contacting us at info@tendollarman.com.

Contributions are tax-deductible, right?
They certainly are, under many different scenarios. Feel free to email us to learn more.

Is the script available to anyone?
Sure. Simply email us at info@tendollarman.com and tell us about your interest in the film.